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We believe music is for All!!!

Live music is what we love, and we want to share our passion with people from all walks of life and with all abilities. Our whole venue is on a single level, with wide entrance and exits, and we have private amenities available on request for those who may need the extra space. 

We understand every person is different so if you are in need of extra support, please contact us by email at to discuss your individual needs.



Gig Etiquette

We have ZERO tolerance to Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ablism, misogyny, shaming of any kind, cultural appropriation, any unwanted touching, (including others food & drinks). Basically, just be a good Human, be respectful to others and respect our venue so we can continue putting on great shows.


Stop Show Policy:

If at any time a patron or artist is disrespected, assaulted, injured or unsafe, the show will immediately be stopped and the situation dealt with as needed. If you disrespect or purposely cause harm to another patron or artist, you will be ejected from the venue by security and banned for life. 


Smoking & Vaping

Smoking laws in Queensland have been strict for almost 2 decades now, and we are too. No smoking or vaping inside the venue, you will be given a wristband to come and go from the venue as you please. If you were to have a quick puff in the venue, we will likely ask you to leave, you may also be fined, or liable for any fees incurred for QFES dispatch. Best to just do the right thing and get your nicotine fix outside. 



Get the best view

Eleven has a flat, single level, un-raked floor. We expect you to respect those around you to ensure everyone can see the performance. If you are wanting to be up front, its best to arrive early to secure your spot. Please also be cautious of mobile phone usage near the stage, there is nothing more annoying that having to watch a show through someone else’s device screen. We don’t expect you to leave your phone in your pocket the entire time, but just a reminder to be mindful of those around you and to be present during the experience.




Oztix is where you will find tickets to every upcoming show at Eleven Dive Bar, we are contracted exclusively with Oztix so we won’t be able to sell tickets to you directly, except for on the door. If you have a ticket but can’t make the gig, Oztix has a resale platform called TIXEL that you can safely and securely resell and buy tickets from. Jump on the OZTIX website for more details

Lost or can’t find your ticket? Please contact Oztix directly for replacement ticket and verification of purchase. We cannot access this information on your behalf.


Door Sales

Gigs that aren’t sold out will likely have a small allocation of door tickets on the night. Check our socials the afternoon of the gig if you are unsure. We won’t be able to hold tickets for you if you haven’t purchased through Oztix so get in quick if you want to buy a ticket on the door. 



Sold Out Events

If an event is listed and “sold out” on our website, this it generally means no tickets will be available from the door. On very rare occasions additional tickets (such as promoter and media held tickets) will become available, but we have no way to predict this. If a show is sold out, you will be able to join the waitlist via the event page, then you’ll be the first to know if we release extra tickets. A reminder to keep your eye on our socials as well, just in case. You can also visit TIXEL to see if any resale tickets are available.




We can scan your ticket barcodes from your smartphone but we can only scan the original e-ticket that was sent to your email, we are unable to scan screenshots or an e-ticket that has been forwarded to a different email address. If you don’t have access to your original ticket, please let us know at the Box Office and make sure you have your photo ID and the credit card the ticket was purchased with and we will get a new barcode for you.


Ticket Scalping and Resale.

If you have purchased a resale ticket from anywhere other than OZTIX/TIXEL we cannot guarantee its valid. This means if you purchase tickets from social media, any online resale facilities, people named Dave, ebay, or a third party ticket site you do so at your own risk and its likely you may be substantially overcharged for invalid tickets. We will be unable to verify the validity of any tickets until we attempt to scan them on the night. If the ticket doesn’t scan, you’ve been scammed and unfortunately, unless we have spare tickets available for you to purchase on the door, we will be unable to help you. This happens every show, please just buy tickets through Oztix.

Resale sites such as Viagogo and Stubhub and not official resellers. 


Companion Cards:

Please contact us at for information regarding companion card tickets.



ALL our ticketed events are Licenced 18+ events Unless stated. This means you are required to present your photo ID to security for scanning upon entry. We do have some “in house” events that are open to minors accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, its best to check out our socials for upcoming events. While most of our events are “standing room only”, we do have limited seating available near the bar, please contact us by email if you specifically require seating for an event due to disability.








What to bring:

We all love a good mosh, which is why the acronym P.I.T will be useful while you’re getting ready for our gigs. The most important things you need to bring with you are your Phone, your ID, and your Ticket!

Phone to take plenty of photos/call an uber/whatever you do on your phone these days.

Identification (drivers’ licence, proof of age, or passport) so we can let you in; and

Ticket! Fairly obvious right!? If you do forget it, let us know at the door and we can reprint it for you with your ID and the credit card you bought it with. 


You will also need your card to buy drinks/merch but we couldn’t think of an acronym to include that one so just use your imagination.



Dress Code:

We want everyone to stay safe, please don’t wear steel capped boots or thongs/flip flops/birkinstocks to Eleven. Basically, try to protect your feet without risking injury to others. 

Anything else you may want to wear is entirely up to you however please see below.


Cloak Room:

When was the last time you saw a person wearing a cloak? We don’t know either, but that’s okay because we don’t have a cloak room at Eleven anyway. Anything you bring into the venue must be always kept on your person.



What NOT to Bring


We have a ZERO backpack/large bag policy. You will be asked to leave them with security at the door or return them to your vehicle/home. So just leave it home. We reserve the right to search all bags upon entry including equipment cases during loadin or load out procedure for bands


Water Bottles:

Leave your $200 3lt name brand Water vessel at home. We provide all you can drink water for free!!



Got a sneaky hip flask, or bottle of your budgets finest stashed on you?? Dude, we have been there, done that and can spot you a mile away. LEAVE IT AT HOME!

You WILL be asked to leave the venue immediately and liable for any and all fines incurred by you and/or the Venue associated with bringing outside liquor into a licensed premise under QLD LIQUOR AND GAMING LAWS



We are an entirely cash free venue. We have made this decision for many reasons, the big one being safety. Yours and ours. We have no cash on the premises at any time, our bar staff don’t need to hang around counting cash at the end of the night, and if you drop your wallet in the pit, you won’t risk having the last of your money stolen before someone hands it. 


Drug policy:

Eleven has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy to drugs in and around the venue. Don’t make us kick you out and ruin a good night. 


Patron safety, care and first aid:

We care immensely about you having the best and safest night ever! If you ever feel unwell, need a bandaid, a tampon, have a concern about anything, getting weird vibes from someone or just need a safe space we are here. Our bar staff will sort you out and take all your concerns about safety and wellbeing seriously.


If you or a mate are in need of first aid come see us, we have basic first aid members on staff at all times that can help you out. But we will call 000 for anything serious and get the QAS angels in teal to look after you. Who doesn’t love an ambo!




Eleven Merch:

We have merch available in the bar, and on our website and we update our stock levels regularly.


Band Merch:

Most bands love to sell you stuff with their logo on it. Merch tables are generally run by the bands management, however they will be easy to find inside our venue so you can show off.




DSLR and digital cameras will not be allowed into the venue without a valid photography or media pass. Do you have a smartphone? Excellent, feel free to use that camera, otherwise you’ll have to remember the event all by yourself.


Lost and Found:

If you’ve lost something in the venue, you need to learn to look after your things better. Alas, speak to our wonderful bar staff. If anything is handed in they will be able to hand it back to you on the night, if not give us an email at and we will be sure to keep an eye out for it and let other staff know its missing.


Venue Info:



Eleven holds the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff in the highest regard. Unfortunately, some circumstances and entirely unforeseen. When you attend the venue, you are doing so at your own risk and Eleven Dive Bar will not be held liable for any incidents outside of our control. If you feel yourself or another guest’s safety is in jeopardy, we encourage you to speak to our staff immediately.


Set Times:

If we don’t release individual set times on social media, it generally means we are unable to for a multitude of reasons. Just because you call/email/DM/ show up at our houses, does not mean we can give you a different answer. If you decide to arrive late, and miss the headliner, your tickets will not be refunded. Just come see all the bands, support the support! Nirvana were once a support band too… they were terrible, but still…..


Doors Open:

Doors open at the times clearly displayed on your ticket, and usually our socials too. Come in, hang out, and enjoy a drink or a meal any time after the doors open, we don’t bite, we promise!


Finish Times:

All of our live music gigs will finish before 12am, this is due to a live music curfew in the Maroochydore Entertainment Precinct. Just because the band has finished blowing your mind, doesn’t mean we will kick you out into the cold, stick around for the DJ, have a boogie and hang around and sink some tinnies until we close. This might even be your lucky moment to meet the headliners after the show. 


Penny Lane Policy:

What’s the Penny Lane policy? NO AAA PASS = NO BACKSTAGE ENTRY

Save your “I’m with the band” plea’s. Backstage is for bands, tour managers and crew only! They need space to chill and get ready for the show and also unwind. It’s for your safety, the bands, and the gear.



They happen, every event, nobody loves it. You won’t be able to skip the queue whether you know the owner, or if the drummer is your cousins best friends Aunty, so it’s best to arrive early and have your ticket and ID ready to be scanned.

“I’m with the band” doesn’t fly here. You’re not Penny Lane.


Food & Drink:

Eleven is proudly a festival style bar. We don’t serve any glass at any time for your safety. We have a massive range of ready to drink tins, as well as craft beers, lagers, basic & premium spirits & shots, alcoholic slushies, and a range of non-alcoholic beers and soft drinks as well. Yes, we have free water.

We are well known around the Sunny Coast for serving dino nuggies, but did you know we have the best selection of house made pizzas and burgers? We have menus around the bar, on our website, social media, and on Doordash and Uber Eats. We highly recommend ourselves for dinner! EAT ME!



There is no on-site parking at Eleven. There is limited metred, and free street parking along Durporth Avenue. There are also 750 car parks in the Big Top Shopping Centre directly behind the venue. We recommend you keep an eye on signage regarding stay length and closing times, as this car park is regularly patrolled by parking inspectors and security.


Public Transport:

We have a taxi/uber drop off out the front, and we are close to multiple bus stops. Best check the translink website for timetables.



Our bathrooms are painted in chalkboard paint! Feel free to draw on the walls with chalk only. Ask our bar staff for chalk if you forgot to bring your own!





See you in the PIT!!!!

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